Does a Late Period Mandate a Visit to the Gynaecologist?

9 December 2020
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While pregnancy may be your first thought when you experience a late period while being sexually active, this is not the only reason why your menses can delay. Yet, not many women talk about irregular cycles since some of them assume that this issue will resolve on their own without any medical intervention. The thing to note about a late period, though, is that it is often indicative of an underlying issue with your health. Read More 

Recovery From Laparoscopic Surgery - Advice and Tips

20 December 2016
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Laparoscopy allows the surgeon to carry out routine gynaecological procedures without major invasive surgery.  Even though you won't have a large wound following laparoscopy surgery, you'll still need to ensure that you take care to recover properly from your procedure.  Here are some top tips to help you get over your laparoscopy procedure. Resting properly Although you will need to rest properly immediately following your procedure, it's still important that you keep moving. Read More 

Managing morning sickness when you already have a toddler

27 October 2015
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With your first pregnancy it's much easier to take time out to manage your morning sickness. However, once you've got a toddler in tow it's harder to spend your mornings getting out of bed slowly and resting up. Here are some tips to managing morning sickness if you don't have a chance to slow down. Head to bed early Rather than staying up to work on housework when your child heads to bed, try to get some early nights. Read More